Wisconsin postcards; Aerials


Postcards on this page are 4-1/8" x 5-7/8" (105mm x 149mm).
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Photo © Jhon Koppa

Photo © Jhon Koppa

Lake Wingra and Vilas park
with distant Madison skyline

Looking into Camp Randall stadium.
(Kite aerial photo)

Camp Randall stadium with
distant Madison skyline

Also available as:
Keychain # K46

and Magnet #M46

The University of Wisconsin
campus and the shoreline
of lake Mendota

Photo © Jhon Koppa

Madison isthmus and Picnic Point
from lake Mendota

Also available as Poster # 8-P
and Magnet #M8
and Panoramic postcard #PAN-8

Madison skyline with
Monona Terrace. (Kite aerial photo)

Also available as Keychain #K99
and Magnet #M99

Madison isthmus aerial
with distant Picnic Point 

Aerial of U.W. Campus and
distant Madison skyline.
Camp Randall stadium is
shown at right.
(2007 photo - new stadium)

 . Photo © Jhon Koppa

"Earth as seen from Madison"

Dane county Coliseum and Expo center grounds with downtown Madison in the distance

U.W. Campus with
distant Madison skyline

Also available as Magnet #M2

Panoramic view of
Wisconsin river showing
Trempeleau mountain


 Discontinued cards below are sold individually as marked until gone.

4 photos of the U.W. Madison
Memorial Union Terrace.
(Kite aerial photos) 

Madison: East Washington Ave.
from the Capitol observation deck

Madison in infrared
from 22 miles

Also available as Poster #55-P


#38b (Discontinued)
Looking into Camp Randall stadium. (outdated)
(Kite aerial photo)
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

#28 (Discontinued)
Looking down on a
grand balloon launch
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea.)

#47 (Discontinued)
Madison isthmus with replica
of the Spirit of St. Louis (outdated)
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea.)

#67 (Discontinued)
Great Lakes and Great Plains
mosaic of 75 satellite photos.
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)