Wisconsin postcards; Uniquely Madison


Postcards on this page are 4-1/8" x 5-7/8" (105mm x 149mm).
All Wisconsin postcards are $.25 each. Ordering information

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Photo Jhon Koppa

Photo Jhon Koppa

Statue of Liberty on lake Mendota
Also available as Keychain #K21
and Magnet M21
Photo by Michael Kienitz


Earth as seen from Madison


A mysterious woman rides
in front of the Madison skyline


"Havin a great time in Madison"
Godzilla and Barbies


Boom Box parade around
Capitol square

Commemorative edition of
Flamingos on Bascom hill
Also available as Magnet M41

Photo by Michael Kienitz


Eiffel tower - "Greetings from


The Museums of Madison


The Dane County Farmers
Market on the Capitol Square


Madison at -37 degrees (January)

Also available as Magnet #M23

Madison in infrared
from 22 miles

Also available as Poster #55-P

#64 (Discontinued)

At the Dane County airport
(Less than 50 left
$1.00 Ea)

Photo © Jhon Koppa

#90 (Discontinued)

Madison, Wisconsin during
last year's record blizzard
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

#86 (Discontinued)

1994 Rose Bowl card
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

Heart (Discontinued)

Madison, the heart of Wisconsin
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

#47 (Discontinued)

The "Spirit of St. Louis" replica
circles Madison
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea.)