Wisconsin postcards; The country side.


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Postcards on this page are 4-1/8" x 5-7/8" (105mm x 149mm).
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A lone deer crosses a quiet
rural road in the twilight


A Wisconsin Christmas
tree farm in Autumn


4 cows pose in the
warm sunlight


A rural road through a rich valley
in mid-summer


Fishing on a quiet northern lake

Winding Northwoods Road

A dairy herd ambles across
a quiet back road.
Also available as Magnet #M80


Goat farm



Pumpkin harvest


Panoramic view of the
Wisconsin river showing
Trempeleau mountain

Delta Queen riverboat on
the Mississippi


A sunstruck tree on a bluff
overlooking the countryside



Farm scene


A stream in winter


A cow in front of her barn 


Stream and small waterfall


Photo © Jhon Koppa

A contented cow in
the pasture

The mill at Hyde, Wisconsin

Apple trees blossom on
a misty hillside

Caricature map of
Also available as Magnet #M75
and Ballpoint Pen #P75


Discontinued cards are sold individually as marked until gone.

A nesting loon

 #C-1 Discontinued
A crane flies against
a darkened sky
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

#30 Discontinued
Eagles at their nest

(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)


#13 (Discontinued)
Great Blue Heron
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

#105 (Discontinued)
Fives types of orchids
found within Wisconsin
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

#28 (Discontinued)
Above a grand balloon launch
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

 #111 (Discontinued)
Holstiens relax in the warmth
of the summer afternoon
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)


#4b (Discontinued)
Contour farming in Wisconsin
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

 #76b (Discontinued)
Wisconsin, the natural state
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)

#29 (Discontinued)
Bundles of cornstalks
in the autumn
(Less than 100 left
$1.00 Ea)
#ODH-1 (Discontinued)


For more "countryside" also see, Cows & Winter