Overstock Close-out post cards: Artcards; Americana


Postcards on this page are about 4" x 6" (4.125" x 5.875") - (105mm x 149mm).
Color cards are shown in color. B&W cards are shown in B&W.

Cards on this page sell for $.75 Ea. if in small quantities.

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The Guardian Angels
(About 400 left)

Candy lips

Brides heads in store window

Santa's super rocket



Music thrills me


New & Old glory

Jesus saves

The "smiley" face

Godzilla does lunch





Party table setting

Parked Buick
(About 500 left)

Burger billboard

Don't accept rides from strangers!



Reporter: "Mr Gandhi, what do you
think of Western civilization?"
Mr.Gandhi: "I think it would be a good idea!"

Cleverly defaced sign

It does not require many words
to speak the truth.

Also available as 2"x3" magnet

The car pool



Beauty parlor

Hip scene in the desert

Boom Box symphony

Elephant brunch



King of the hill

Chain saw sculpture

"The spirit of an age is the very thing that a great person changes"
(About 700 left)

USA @ Night (4" x 6")
Populations of 500+ are shown

Also available as Poster #100-P



Last chance gas


Wrought iron Beetle 

Successful businessman's lunch

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