Artcards; Cartoons


Postcards on this page are about 4" x 6" (4.125" x 5.875") - (105mm x 149mm).
Color cards are shown in color. B&W cards are shown in B&W. All Artcards are $.75 each. Ordering information

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"And now who can show the proper way to start a campfire?"


Animals praying at
"Wildlife sanctuary"


"Lassie, did something
happen to Timmy?


Sure roaches are bad... just be thankful they're not carnivorous!


"Oh sure, blame me again" (Cat says to owner holding dripping wet shoe.)


"The Cookout" (Man roasting wiener, pet cat roasting mouse)


"ya know... maybe I don't want to be a cowpuncher after all." (after watching the cow blast a good punch back.)


"Here kitty, kitty... oh where is that little dickens?" (Cat skeleton pile underneath bird cage... bird just finishing huge meal)


"... and so, if we didn't go off and kill the whales you gals wouldn't have had lipstick" (old mariner telling story)


"It's okay Ernie, they're friends" (pet cat explains party mess to owner)


" small pizza with cheese, sausage and... and sparrows??" (cats at public phone across street ordering pizza)


"Well if you don't like the toxins, then just eat the noodles"


"All right Moses, let's quit parting that jell-o and sit down and eat"


"A turntable, stereo receiver, two woofers and four tweeter for only $50? Golly"


Flock of ducks at gas station getting directions, reading map


Big fat pock marked alien monster swatting landing space module


Racoon driving car sports human tail flying from antennea


Armed ducks lure hunters with human decoys


"Sydney's last midnight snack" (fruits & veggies lurch for him baring lots of teeth)


"Idiots leap"


Nose comes off with glasses


Strange court game


Car reflects owner


"Eight easy steps" (all same)

 Cards below are thermographs... raised ink in shades of red, white and black.


"We know in our hearts that we are in the world for keeps yet we are still tackeling 20 year problems with 5 year plans staffed by 2 year personel working with 1 year approriation. It's simply not good enough"


I LOVE my ....???


"Read this!"
(Unitelligible paragraph)


Greetings from Red Square


"Ignore previous card!"


"Improve yourself, add these
words to your vocabulary.