Canadian Shipments

Although we can ship to Canada, we can only do so by FedEx service.

The shipping rates alone are slightly higher than shipping the same distance within the USA, however, FedEx has a brokerage service department that must be used for clearing shipments if you do not clear the shipment yourself or with a brokerage agent registered with Canadian Customs Dept.

The fees for brokerage can be quite high and are often more than the shipping charge, especially in the case of a small shipment. In addition, there are often other fees collected by FedEx brokerage based on the value of the entire shipment.

We cannot predict what your costs for FedEx brokerage service fees will be for any shipment and we recommend that you contact your local FedEx office to learn more about these charges before placing your order with us in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise costs in shipping your order.

Unfortunately, we can not ship displays to Canada by Postal Service.

Overseas Shipments


Most Postcard and Greeting card displays can be shipped by Priority Mail to areas served by the US Postal Service including, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Palau only. Not all products we offer can be sent using the postal service so please inquire with the product number / description first along with your postal code.

In short, we cannot otherwise ship small orders overseas. Unfortunately, due to the bulk of display racks and the dimensional-weight classifications given to cartons of high size to weight ratios, there is no reasonable cost method to ship by FedEx or International MAIL.

For instance, a small rack that weighs 5 Lb in actual weight gets assigned a dimensional-weight of 28 Lbs. to compensate for the amount of space the carton uses.

Air service to Europe for a 5 Lb. rack, shipped in a carton which is mostly filled with air, typically costs about $130.00+. And that's for just one rack. FedEx offers only Air express services and does not have "ground service" for overseas deliveries. Postal Union air services are about the same cost as FedEx.

Postal Union Sea Mail shipping amounts to a huge waste of our time in the long run, filing paper work, corresponding with anxious customers, tracing lost shipments (tracking service is not available for sea-mail) and managing everybody's disappointments and we decline to use that service any further.

To learn more about dimensional weight you can use this UPS link:


INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDERS: If you deal with a freight forwarder in the USA we can ship to their USA facility by FedEx and we will be happy to quote those charges to you.

In this case, please advise us of your freight forwarder's address in order to quote domestic shipping charges for delivery to their facility.

If you need help locating a freight forwarder in the USA the following link might be useful to you.

This link should take you directly to a State by State listing of USA based freight forwarders who are in the business to receive, pack and ship goods for international customers.

Freight forwarders are almost never cost effective for small orders unless you are sourcing goods from various suppliers and shipping a significant overall volume in one shipment.


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