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Hundreds of Displays for Postcard, Greeting Card, CD, DVD, Calendar, Map and Merchandise Solutions


  Quantity Discounts for volume purchases  

For orders of 5+ counter spinners and / or floor racks (or 8+ wall displays and/or small countertop displays) ordered at the same time, all shipped to the same address, a discount of 10% can be taken on the cost of the racks (Excluding shipping charges)

Rack models and colors may be mixed in any combination for discounts.

For orders greater than 10 units the discount increases by 1% on the entire order for each rack ordered up to 20. So, 11 racks earn 11% discount, 17 racks earn 17% discount and 20 racks earn 20% discount.

Discounts are capped at 20% until you exceed 50 units. For 50+ units please contact us for special quotation.

Any combination of displays are eligible for discount as long as the minimum order has been met in any one of the above categories.

Discounts apply only on "cash" orders paid by Business Check, Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order, or bank wire transfer (discounts are reduced by 3% if credit card payment is used).

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