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ORDERING: Please order each item by stock number listed for each image. If a letter precedes the number be sure to include it since it designates the type of product you are ordering. (M = magnet, K = Keychain, etc.)

SHIPPING: For each retail order shipped within the United States please enclose a flat shipping fee of $7 (except display racks and close-out postcard orders which have their own shipping fees) ... the more you order the more you save on shipping. Flat rate shipping does not apply to display racks which must always be shipped in a separate carton... Click here for ordering information on Display Racks.

SMALL DOMESTIC (USA) ORDERS can avoid shipping charge... but PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: We will fill small orders for a "few items", or even a single item, if you include a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope (SASE) along with your order and full payment for the items ordered. Be sure to address the front of the envelope to yourself (or the address you want merchandise shipped to).

Attach enough postage to cover the total weight of the shipping envelope and the merchandise you are ordering based on the estimated weights listed below. Make sure to use an appropriate envelope (size and strength) for the items you are ordering. To calculate shipping charges add the following weights for each piece ordered. Postcards weigh .25 ounce each. Four (4) standard postcards can be mailed together for one ounce postage. Panoramic postcards weigh .5 Oz Ea. Small orders of up to 20 postcards can be usually be mailed in a #10 business envelope - large enough to hold 4-1/4" x 6" (108mm x 153mm) cards. Panoramic postcards can be mailed 12 in a #10 business envelope. Magnets weigh 1.1 ounce each and a single magnet requires postage for 2.0 ounces. Three magnets mail for 4 ounces postage, etc.. Keychains weigh 0.6 ounce each. Keychains are difficult to ship successfully in regular envelopes since the plastic jacket of the keychain can be easily cracked in the mail.

The Postal Service also requires that merchandise contents thicker than 1/4 inch to be mailed in special tear-resistant, tyvek or padded envelopes. Tyvek or padded envelopes are needed for shipping keychains, magnets and pens.Padded envelopes usually weigh a few ounces, so be sure to add that to your total weight calculation. If you prepare your envelope properly we will be glad to ship your order without the standard shipping charge. (Oh, ... and don't forget to enclose payment for your merchandise too) Wisconsin residents, add 5.5% sales tax.

PAYMENT: Wholesale accounts with credit established may send E-mail orders from this site. All other orders please mail payment in US dollars along with your order, including shipping charges, to:

WHOLESALE ORDERS: If credit has been established with ARGONAUT orders may be made by Phone, FAX, Mail, or E-mail.

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To check the status of an order, or to make an inquiry, please contact us by E-mail at: Jhon@ArgonautPress.com

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Payment to be made in US dollars (money order, cashiers check, etc.) Customer is responsible for all taxes and import duties and airmail freight charges on international orders. (inquire) Jhon@ArgonautPress.com

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CREDIT CARDS: We accept VISA and MASTERCARD credit card payments directly from this site. Please use our E-mail Order Form credit card payments. You will be guided to our secure server for processing credit information.

You can also use your Discover and Amex card at: www.PayPal.com to pay for your order.

 To pay for your order using PayPal you must first establish an account at www.PayPal.com  PayPal is a completely free on-line payment clearing house that is linked to your bank account(s) and/or credit card(s) for sending and receiving money electronically over the web. There is no charge to you when you send or receive money through PayPal. You can access the funds in your checking account, or use your credit card, to pay for purchases at this and other commercial web sites. You can also use your PayPal account to pay for commercial purchases or to make personal and business payments as well as for any of your purchases at on-line auctions, such as at E-bay.

Click on the PayPal icon above and it will take you to their site where you can register and establish a free account and get $5 free cash for becoming a new customer.

When submitting payment to us for your order through PayPal you simply list the recipient e-mail account as: Payments@ArgonautPress.com .

MORE INFO ABOUT PAYPAL:   Anyone with an E-mail account can send or receive money this way! Once you have signed up you can use your checking account funds or credit card to pay for purchases at this and other commercial web sites. You can also use your PayPal account to pay for personal and business purchases in 30 nations around the world!

When submitting payment to us through PayPal be sure to list the recipient E-mail account (where the payment is being sent to) as: Payments@ArgonautPress.com and please make sure to include your name and details of your order with your payment to ensure proper credit. When you are preparing your payment at their site, there is plenty of space available on the form for describing everything you want to order. Just open a new active window in your browser and type or paste in the URL to go to PayPal:   <https://.www.paypal.com >   With two browser windows active you will be able to switch back and forth between this site and PayPal. This will allow you to continue navigating at this site in the first window and place your order in the second one.

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Please send inquiries to: info@ArgonautPress.com


E-mail: info@ArgonautPress.com